Dan Vapid & The Cheats - Self-Titled

TCR001 (CD/LP/Digital) - "In some way, the album is all across the map stylistically, but it gels nicely thanks to the songs all being rooted in the same brand of power-pop/pop-punk. One song may be drastically different from the one that came before it, but it never feels jarring. Vapid and company have been playing together in various bands for years and it comes across as such. Dan Vapid and the Cheats sound like they've been around for a lot longer than they have. Vapid's affinity for writing solid, catchy tunes is at the forefront of this record. Even though there are a lot of comparisons to previous bands, there is a unique sound here that has a little something that those other bands didn't have. The songs have a kind of timeless quality, which I think is a testament to Vapid's ability to craft really great songs." (

Dan Vapid & The Cheats - Two

TCR002 (CD/LP/Digital) - "Clocking in at 25 minutes, the no-nonsense title Two is a reflection of the no-nonsense pop-punk found on the record. Despite a slight lineup shift since their last record (Simon Lamb moved over to guitar, replacing the departing Mike Byrne, and Noise By Numbers bassist Rick Uncapher joined the group), the Cheats have really come into their own. They sound tighter than ever before, starting off guns blazing on the blaring, fast-paced opening track 'I'm A Contrarian' to the restrained and beautiful closing ballad 'A Long Way...'" (

Textbook - All Messed Up

TCR003 (CD/Digital) - "On All Messed Up, Textbook delivers yet another packed collection of anthems that uplift despite the melancholic core at the center of Lysien's delivery. These are dudes with more than a few years under their collective belt, so they're able to balance heartache with wisdom, and then neatly pull the rug out from under that wisdom since, in the end, it doesn't matter whether you 16 or 46 when it comes to mourning relationships and bad decisions..." (Chicagoist)

Textbook - Only When I'm Breathing EP

TCR004 (CD/Digital) - "Chicago, IL's Textbook return with another excellent outing, the four song EP Only When I'm Breathing. Following up this year's On The B-Side (Best of 2000-2015) collection and 2014's outstanding All Messed Up full-length, Textbook has once again shown why they are the masters on pop indie punk college rock. From start to finish Only When I'm Breathing rips with catchy hooks, great melodies, and that timeless feel that makes you question whether this record came out in 1986, 1996, or 2016..." (OklahomaLefty)

Textbook - On The B-Side (Best of 2000 - 2015)

TCR005 (Limited CD Version) - "For over 15 years, Chicago's Textbook have been cranking out tunes that hit that sweet spot between The Replacements, Naked Raygun, Superchunk and The Lemonheads. To celebrate the occasion they picked their favorite songs and put them on one album, completely re-mastered and all."  (Punkrocktheory)

The Addisons - Invisible Falls State Park EP

TCR006 (CD/Digital) - Six mid-western indie/punk songs in the vein of The Replacements, Superchunk, Weakerthans and Bob Mould. The Addisons feature ex-members of Chicago's Not Rebecca, Dan Vapid & The Cheats, Tom Daily, Noise By Numbers, The Sonnets, Woolworthy, Textbook and more.